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2 Ways to Earn Free Salty Sailor Coffee!

2 Ways to Earn Free Salty Sailor Coffee!

People love all different kinds of coffee, and they are passionate about the type they love! Whether it's light, dark, or flavored, the one type we can all agree to love is FREE. 

Salty Sailor Coffee is excited to announce multiple ways to enjoy free coffee; through our rewards program and through our referral program.  

In the Sailor's Rewards Program, you earn 9 points for every dollar you spend! You can then redeem those points for free coffee! We've begun adding points to accounts for previous purchases. If you create your account and don't see points, just email and we'll get them added! Many of you have free coffee waiting for you!

The Salty Sailor Coffee Referral Program allows you to share a link with your friends and family that gives them a code worth $10 off their first purchase. After they make a purchase, you are rewarded with a $10 credit as well. Think about it; you are only 2 referrals away from a free bag of your favorite coffee!

We hope you enjoy these new community features! We are looking forward to giving away a ton of FREE COFFEE!

You can sign up for both of these free programs here: or click the account icon at the top of the homepage anytime. 

Thank you for your support and, as always, "Drink Coffee & Do Good!"

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