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All of our coffee is specialty grade and ethically sourced with a focus on relationships and respect for the farm and the farmer. All lots are carefully evaluated based on cup quality, farm process and sustainable practice.

a variety of growing conditions

Coffee bean growing conditions differ region to region, impacted by climate, altitude, soil, and rainfall. These variationsshape unique flavors, from Ethiopia's misty highlands to Colombia's sunny slopes and Guatemala's volcanic soils.


Chiapas region

ALTITUDE: 1,200M -1600 M
HARVEST: December - April

Chiapas is the Southernmost coffee growing region in Mexico. It boasts an ideal climate and altitude to create perfect conditions for mild, sweet coffee


Huehuetenango region

ALTITUDE: 1,500M -2,000 M
HARVEST: December - March

Huehuetenango, a top coffee-growing region in Guatemala, benefits from ideal climate and altitude, resulting in exceptional coffees known for their rich flavors and balance.


Copan region

ALTITUDE: 1,400M - 1,600M
HARVEST: January - April

Copan is celebrated as a prominent coffee-growing region. With its advantageous climate and altitude, it cultivates coffees known for their exquisite flavors and harmonious profiles.


Jinotega region

ALTITUDE: 1150 - 1500 masl
HARVEST: December - March

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. High altitude, rich volcanic soil, and favorable climate are responsible for Nicaragua’s high quality coffee.


Brunca region

ALTITUDE: 1,100 M - 1,600 M
HARVEST: December - February

Brunca, shines as a renowned coffee-growing region. With favorable climatic conditions and high-altitude terroir, it nurtures exceptional coffees that captivate with their remarkable flavors


Tolima region

ALTITUDE: 1,500 M - 2,100 M
HARVEST: December - April

Its unique terroir, characterized by high altitudes and rich volcanic soils, gives rise to coffees known for their floral notes, vibrant citrus undertones, and delightful chocolatey nuances.


Jaen & Cajamarca regions

ALTITUDE: 650- 1,800 M
HARVEST: May - September

Peru's coffee beans thrive in diverse microclimates and rich soils. Renowned for their mild yet flavorful profiles, Peruvian coffees often exhibit notes of bright citrus, smooth chocolate, and delicate floral undertones


Sul de Minas region 

ALTITUDE: 950 - 1,100 M
HARVEST: April - August

Sul de Minas showcases the perfect combination of fertile soils, abundant rainfall, and favorable temperatures. This results in the production of high-quality beans with a range of flavors.


mount Kilimanjaro region 

ALTITUDE: 1,200M - 2,000M
HARVEST: September - January

The area surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro is some of the best in the world for cultivating Arabica coffee. Every coffee tree is connected to a drip irrigation system, which ensures adequate water supply at all times.


Mt Elgon region 

ALTITUDE: 1,200 M - 2,100 M
HARVEST: October - February

Coffee is processed at a local wet mill. The farms are interplanted with banana to provide shade. The soil is rich in nutrients requiring minimal fertilization using organic materials including manure and other compost.


Nyeri region 

ALTITUDE: 1,550 M - 1,700 M
HARVEST: October - December

Nyeri coffees are renowned for their vibrant acidity, intense fruitiness, and complex flavor profiles, making them a prized choice among coffee connoisseurs worldwide.


oromia region 

ALTITUDE: 1,000 M - 2,2500 M
HARVEST: November - March

The Oromia region is renowned for its illustrious coffee heritage. Home to some of the world's finest coffee varieties, it boasts an ideal combination of high altitude, rich volcanic soils, and diverse microclimates.


Kerala region 

ALTITUDE: 1,100M - 1,400M
HARVEST: October - February

Nestled in the lush Western Ghats, Kerala benefits from a tropical climate and fertile soils, providing optimal conditions for coffee cultivation.


Kintamani Highlands region 

ALTITUDE:1,200 M - 1,600 M
HARVEST: June - August

Sourced from family owned farms located in the Kintamani highlands. Coffee is grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Agung along with citrus trees that provide shade


Morobe & Madang regions 

ALTITUDE: 1,200 M - 1,600 M
HARVEST: March - October

Morobe and Madang regions are esteemed for their remarkable coffee production. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, these regions benefit from fertile volcanic soils and a favorable tropical climate.

Sustainable Farming Initiative

Empowering Coffee Farmers & Fostering Sustainability

Salty Sailor Coffee Company's Sustainable Farming Initiative is our dedicated endeavor to support and nurture the growth of sustainable coffee farming in developing nations, by extending microloans that promise o secure a thriving future for coffee cultivation and the communities that sustain it.

Why We Launched Our Initiative

Promote Sustainable Farming

To foster environmentally-friendly farming practices for a healthier planet.


To economically uplift coffee farming communities in developing countries.

Coffee Quality

To ensure the cultivation of high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee beans


To stimulate local economies and contribute to the development of generational wealth.

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dennis’ STORY

At Salty Sailor Coffee Company, we are privileged to support dedicated farmers like Dennis, an exemplary smallholder coffee farmer from the lush landscapes of Kenyenya. Over the years, Dennis has mastered the art of coffee cultivation, transforming his humble plot into a flourishing coffee farm.Married and deeply passionate about farming, Dennis meticulously tends to his coffee plants. The result of his hard work and commitment is an exceptional yield of coffee beans, recognized for their robust aroma and rich flavor. Dennis' journey as a farmer has reached a critical stage, and he now seeks financial support to acquire necessary farm inputs. As part of our commitment to uplifting farming communities, Salty Sailor Coffee has invested in his vision. This support will enable Dennis to purchase top-quality seeds, fertilizers, and advanced farming equipment. With these resources, he aims to increase his coffee production, improve yields, and supply even higher quality coffee to the market.Investing in Dennis means more than just supporting a deserving farmer; it's also a testament to our commitment to sustainable farming practices. Dennis' relentless dedication to his craft and the environment aligns perfectly with Salty Sailor Coffee's values.

Sirajje’S STORY

At Salty Sailor Coffee Company, we're proud to share our recent investment in the incredible work of Sirajje, a devoted single father and a respected coffee farmer hailing from Uganda. Sirajje, a father of four students, is not just an outstanding farmer but also a mentor to many in his area, using his expertise to support others in their agricultural pursuits.Recognizing his commitment to quality coffee cultivation and the ripple effect of his mentoring, we felt compelled to support him. Through our Sustainable Farming Initiative, we have extended a loan to Sirajje, enabling him to purchase additional seedlings and vital fertilizers to bolster his coffee plantation.But our investment doesn't stop at the fields. A portion of our loan is also earmarked for the purchase of a coffee milling machine. This equipment will allow Sirajje to process his coffee right at the source, adding value to his produce and expanding his income streams. Sirajje's ambition is to sustain his children, ensuring they never lack anything - an ambition we're proud to support. His story exemplifies the transformative power of sustainable farming, underlining the profound impact of every cup of Salty Sailor Coffee.

Laura Dominga’s STORY

At Salty Sailor Coffee Company, we're excited to partner with Laura, an inspiring coffee producer from a rural community in northern Nicaragua. With more than a decade's worth of experience under her belt, Laura has successfully embarked on the journey towards Fair Trade certification, consistently striving to enhance her farm's productivity.Laura is the steward of a 4.92-hectare farm, where she nurtures productive coffee plants over 4.22 hectares. Each coffee season, she contributes to her community by providing ten seasonal job opportunities, illustrating her commitment to economic growth in her area. We at Salty Sailor Coffee have invested in Laura's noble pursuit this year, providing her with the financial resources necessary to procure essential agricultural supplies for her coffee seedlings.These supplies include copper, zinc, biofertilizers, and more, applied at the optimal time to ensure the health and growth of her crops. Laura's vision is to cultivate a model farm that boosts her family's income and provides them with improved opportunities—a vision that we are proud to support and share with our customers. Each sip of Salty Sailor Coffee is a testament to the efforts and aspirations of farmers like Laura.

Feliz Antonio’s STORY

At Salty Sailor Coffee Company, we are honored to support the endeavors of hard-working coffee producers like Feliz, a seasoned coffee farmer residing in the rural zone of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Feliz's expertise is evident in his successful management of a 21.12-hectare landholding, with 7.04 hectares dedicated solely to productive coffee cultivation. His vast experience of over a decade in coffee farming aligns seamlessly with Fair Trade practices, exemplifying our shared commitment to ethical and sustainable farming.As part of our ongoing commitment to empower coffee farmers, we are supporting Feliz this year with a loan, allowing him to purchase crucial agricultural supplies. These resources, which include copper, zinc, and biofertilizers, are essential for his coffee seedlings' growth and timely application is key to their effectiveness.Feliz's commitment extends beyond his farm; during the coffee season, he provides seasonal employment opportunities to more than 15 individuals from his community, thus reinforcing our mutual goal of contributing to local economies. As Feliz aspires to establish a model farm that elevates his family's income, we at Salty Sailor Coffee take immense pride in being a part of his journey. Supporting Feliz not only fuels his dreams but also strengthens our commitment to nurturing global coffee farming communities. Each cup of Salty Sailor Coffee is thus a testament to this shared vision, an ode to the exceptional coffee that farmers like Feliz bring to your table.

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Toucan Tango
Toucan Tango
Toucan Tango
Toucan Tango

Toucan Tango

Bismarck Brew
Bismarck Brew
Bismarck Brew
Bismarck Brew

Bismarck Brew

Mexican Latitude
Mexican Latitude
Mexican Latitude
Mexican Latitude

Mexican Latitude

Kenyan Sunrise
Kenyan Sunrise
Kenyan Sunrise
Kenyan Sunrise

Kenyan Sunrise

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