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Arabica VS. Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta

If you’re reading this, you already know the beauty of a fresh brewed cup of coffee in between your hands. It brings joy to the taste-buds and comfort to the soul. There are so many details that come together to create the perfect cup, from the bean variety to the processing, the roasting, the packaging, the delivery, and how each individual coffee lover decides to store and brew their roasted perfection. Every element combines together to create the most unique cup. In the next few blogs, we will invite you alongside us as we indulge in the coffee process. 

There are two distinct species of coffee plant: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee has gained popularity and is widely seen as the better of the two species because of its durability and resistance to disease. Robusta coffee has a distinct crema flavor profile that is perfect for espresso. The Robusta plant grows quickly, and the best quality Robusta coffee is sourced from India and Indonesia. 

The coffees that make up the Salty Sailor line include Arabica and Robusta and many cultivars. Cultivars are distinct coffee plant varieties that are created through a selective breeding process. Usually, they are selected for their positive qualities that make it easier to grow higher quality products at higher quantities. In regions where hand-picked harvests are used, the plants need to be low enough to the ground to be effectively harvested, but in areas where mechanical picking is the norm, the trees are large and the berries are focused near the top of the plant.

While a majority of Salty Sailor coffee is from Arabica plants, Robusta coffee holds a distinct and special place in the line. The magic of the 6 Bean Espresso features a specialty grade Robusta that is also included in the Sailor Blend. The Midwatch: Max Caff is a fully Robusta coffee, created by blending Tanzania and India Robustas to a perfect balance.  Don’t just take my word for it. Give one (or ALL) of these incredible coffees a try!

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Happy July 4th from the Salty Sailor Crew

Happy July 4th from the Salty Sailor Crew


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