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12 Pack Single Serve Coffee Capsules

THis is no ordinary single-serve cup.  The coffee in this cup is our 6 Bean Espresso,  Like all of our coffee, we roast the coffee and fill your cups when you order it.  This isn't a box that's been sitting on the shelf for 6 months at your favorite big box store.  This is fresh roasted, premium coffee!  You won't get it any fresher anywhere!

This convenient single-serve cup is compatible with K2 and newer machines.    

When our founder was in port at Souda Bay, a major resupply point for the US Navy, he and his crewmates often found themselves at the specialty espresso bars. Their time in Crete brought warm sun, cool ocean breezes, and an appreciation for the dark espresso they sipped every morning. This coffee brings back those memories!


Roast: Dark

Origin: Worldwide Premium Blend