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Davy Jones' Locker: A Cold Brew Blend

We know how much you love our coffee, and with the warmer months quickly approaching, we thought it was time to add a cold brew to our offerings. Any coffee can be cold coffee, but cold brew is especially designed to bring out the smooth sweetness of the bean and our cold brew blend takes away the guess work.

Davy Jones' Locker is the sailor's nickname for the bottom of the sea, where men who have drowned and are confined to their shipwrecks are said to be held. It is a cold brew deep from the icy depths of the ocean and a tribute to all of the mariners lost to the sea over the centuries. This medium roast blend has a smooth toffee, chocolate flavor with floral overtones that make this an elegant but powerful blend. Careful sailor, you'll get hooked!


The beautiful artwork on the front of the package was created by Jason Mangles. Continue to our about the author page to learn more about him and his work.